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BA Ford Falcon

BA Ford
September 2002 - October 2004

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AU II Falcon (2000)
AU Falcon Series III (2001)
BA Falcon (2002)
BA MkII Falcon (2004)
BF Falcon (2005)
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The BA 'Barra' Ford Falcon range was officially released on September 30 2002 as a major facelift of the AU Series. The BA Fairlane/LTD range was released in July 2003 to replace the AU. Falcon- $33,640-$54,980. Fairlane- $50,990-$54,490. LTD- $64,820-$68,000. The BA model was replaced by the BA MkII in October 2004.


BA Falcon

  • XT, 4.0L, 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 182kW, 380Nm
    XT, E-Gas 4.0L, 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 156kW, 372Nm
    XT, 5.4L, V8, Sedan, 220kW, 470Nm
  • Futura, 4.0L, 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 182kW, 380Nm
    Futura, E-Gas 4.0L, 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 156kW, 372Nm
  • Fairmont, 4.0L, 6-cyl, Sedan, 182kW, 380Nm
    Fairmont, 5.4L, V8, Sedan, 220kW, 470Nm
  • Fairmont Ghia, 4.0L, 6-cyl, Sedan, 182kW, 380Nm
    Fairmont Ghia, 5.4L, V8, Sedan, 220kW, 470Nm
  • XR6, 4.0L, 6-cyl, Sedan/Utility, 182kW, 380Nm
    XR6 Turbo, 4.0L Turbo, 6-cyl, Sedan/Utility, 240kW, 450Nm
  • XR8, 5.4L, V8, Sedan/Utility, 260kW, 500Nm (from Feb 2003)

BA Fairlane (from July 2003)

  • Fairlane Ghia, 4.0L, 6-cyl, LWB, 182kW, 380Nm
    Fairlane Ghia, 5.4L, V8, LWB, 220kW, 470Nm
  • Fairlane G220, 5.4L, V8, LWB, 220kW, 470Nm

BA LTD (from July 2003)

  • LTD, 5.4L, V8, LWB, 220kW, 470Nm

BA Utility

  • XL, 4.0L, 6-cyl, Utility, 182kW, 380Nm
    XL, 5.4L, V8, Utility, 220kW, 470Nm
  • XLS, 4.0L, 6-cyl, Utility, 182kW, 380Nm
    XLS, 5.4L, V8, Utility, 220kW, 470Nm
  • RTV, 4.0L, 6-cyl, HiRide Utility, 182kW, 380Nm (from Sept 2003)
    RTV, 5.4L, V8, HiRide Utility, 220kW, 470Nm (from Sept 2003)

Click Here for BA Falcon NFSIII Downloads

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Ford Performance Vehicles, a joint venture between Ford and Prodrive, replaced FTE (Ford Tickford Experience). The BA FPV Falcon range released March 2003.

  • GT, 5.4L, V8, Sedan, 290kW @ 5500rpm, 520Nm @ 4500rpm. 0-100km/h- 5.92sec 0-400m- 14.29sec.
  • GT-P, 5.4L, V8, Sedan, 290kW, 520Nm.
  • Pursuit, 5.4L, V8, Utility, 290kW, 520Nm.

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SWB Models



Fairmont Ghia

Fairmont Ghia







LWB Models

Fairlane Ghia

Fairlane G220

Fairlane G220


Ford Peformance Vehicles




Emergency/Special Vehicles
BA Ford Falcons are used as Police, Fire, Ambulance, and Traffic Authority vehicles. They are also used as Taxi's.

XR8 Police Vehicle

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| Barra 182 | Barra 220 | Barra 240T | Boss 260 |

Barra 182
Inline 6-cylinder, 4.0-litre, 24-valve, Dual VCT
Power: 182kW @ 5000rpm
Torque: 380Nm @ 3250rpm
Still 4-0 litres, still cast iron block, now four valves per cylinder (up from 2v) and double overhead camshafts with VCT variable camshaft timing on both the inlet and exhaust side. A dual length intake manifold and modifications to the alloy cylinder head allowed the rev limit to be raised from 5700rpm to 6000rpm. Ford claims noise, vibration, harshness reductions along with a stronger, broader torque spread, particularly in low to middling revs. The new six-cylinder engine is six percent more fuel efficient than the old one, but that there's no fuel economy gains once in the car - which suggests the new BA Falcon is slightly heavier than AU.
E-gas: Dedicated LPG engine is based in the twin-cam inline six, with higher compression ratio, revised induction system, and powertrain control module mods. Power is 156kW, torque is 372Nm.

Barra 220
90 degree V8, 5.4-litre, 24-valve
Power: 220kW @ 4750rpm
Torque: 470Nm @ 3250rpm
Falcon will be the first vehicle in the Ford world to use the 5.4-litre V8, built in the Windsor plant in Canada. The block is cast iron, with alloy cylinder heads, again with VCT acting on a single camshaft per bank, and 3 valves per cylinder. The inlet and exhaust manifolds are designed specifically for Australia. This engine is optional on XT, Futura, Fairmont and Fairmont Ghia models.

Barra 240T
Inline 6-cylinder, 4.0-litre, turbocharged
Power: 240kW @ 5250rpm
Torque: 450Nm @ 2000rpm
This engine will be unique to the XR6, and is basically the inline six with a Garrett GT40 ball bearing turbocharger mounted on a stainless steel exhaust manifold, and intercooler. Same cast iron engine block, same alloy cylinder heads with stronger valves and different VCT calibration. Pistons and rings upgraded, fuel pressure increased. Ford recommends premium unleaded for the turbo six.

Boss 260
90 degree V8, 5.4-litre, 32-valve, Dual VCT
Power: 260kW @ 5250rpm
Torque: 500Nm @ 4250rpm
The big daddy of the Falcon range, this baby's headed for the XR8 and will form the basis of the FPV engine. Based on an 'off the shelf' engine from the 'States, Ford Australia modified it extensively for local application. High flow cylinder heads, Mustang Cobra R manifold and inlet camshaft, 4 valves per cylinder, quad cam.

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V8 Supercars incl. FPV & SBR

Ford has many racing teams, racing the BA Falcon in the V8 Supercars with its introduction into the category in 2003.

Ford BA V8 Supercar

- Ford Performance Racing

Ford and the newly formed FPV introduced a new factory racing team in the V8 Supercar series, racing 3 Falcons for 2003. Drivers include #5 Glenn Seton (Ford Credit), #6 Craig Lowndes (CAT), and #19 / #7 David Besnard (FPV).
2004 Season: #5 Glenn Seton (Ford Credit/FPV), #6 Craig lowndes (CAT)

2003 Ford Performance Racing BA Falcons.

- Stone Brothers Racing

Ford also has interests in the Stone Brothers Racing Team. The team had 2 BA Falcons for 2003. Drivers include #4 Marcos Ambrose (Pirtek), and #9 Russell Ingall (Caltex Havoline).
For the 2003 Season of the V8 Supercar Championship Series, Marcos Ambrose won the V8 supercar title.
For the 2004 season of the V8 Supercar Championship, SBR managed to get a 1-2 in the championship. #1 Marcos Ambrose (Pirtek) came 1st, with team mate #9 Russel Ingall (Caltex Havoline) coming 2nd in the championship.

2003 Championship winning BA SBR Falcon of #4 Marcos Ambrose.

Picture modified from SBR website
2004 BA SBR Falcons- Championship winning #1 Marcos
Ambrose. 2nd in championship #9 Russell Ingall.

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Special Models

Limited Editions

  • Freedom A $1500 upgrade for $500 on XT(April '03)
  • Tradesman, SE, Marlin Special Edition Utes based on XL & XLS (Aug '03, May '04)
  • SR With $6000 extra value. Based on XT. More sports based. (May '04)
  • Classic With $6000 extra value. Based on XT. More luxury based (May '04)

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Show Models

  • Sydney Motor Show 2003- Ford Stand- Album at my MSN Group
  • FPV range: GT, GT-P, Pursuit, shown in pre-production form (Sydney Motor Show Oct '02)
  • Ford Fairlane Ghia G220 in pre production form (Melb. Motor Show Mar '03)
  • Ford Falcon HiRide High riding utility (Melb. Motor Show, Mar '03)
  • Ford Territory in pre production form (Melb. Motor Show Mar '03) A Falcon based AWD Crossover vehicle.
  • Ford Falcon Raptor XR8 Utility with Gullwing doors and modified specification. By Roman Autotek. (MMS Mar '03)
  • Ford Falcon XR8 2 door Note: Not made by Ford Australia (MMS, Mar '03)
  • FPV Maloo Illiminator An extremely powerful HSV Eater (FPV Day 2003)
  • FPV F6 Typhoon- Pre-production. XR6 Turbo based. 4.0L DOHC inline 6-cyl, intercooled turbo, 270kW, 550Nm. (MMS, Mar '04)
  • FPV Galaxie 540- Fairlane based, LWB. 5.4L, V8, 290kW, 520Nm. (FPV Open Day 2004)

GT Concept

Falcon HiRide


Roman Raptor

XR8 2-door

Maloo Illiminator

FPV F6 Typhoon

FPV Galaxie 540

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  • Wheels Car of the Year- Ford Falcon
  • Australia's Best Cars; Best Family Car- Ford Falcon Futura
  • Australia's Best Cars; Best Sports Car Under $57,000- Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo
    BA Awards- Click for larger thumbnail
  • News Limited Star Car Award- Best Car of 2002- Ford Falcon
  • 3rd- 2003 MOTOR Performance Car Of The Year- BA Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo
  • 1st- MOTOR Australian Brawl- BA Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo
  • 2nd- MOTOR Australian Brawl- BA FPV Falcon GT
  • 1st- 2003 V8 Supercar Championship Series
  • Australia's Best Cars; Best Family Car- Ford Falcon XT

  • The Courier-Mail Queensland Car of the Year 2003 Awards- Prestige- Ford Fairlane G220
  • Top 10 Cars of '03- Family Sedan- Ford Falcon


  • 1st/2nd- 2004 V8 Supercar Championship Series

Competitors when new:

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AU II Falcon (2000)
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BA Falcon (2002)
BA MkII Falcon (2004)
BF Falcon (2005)
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*prices at introduction. Images from Ford